example of draw your emotions

Stuck in Your Emotions? Draw Them!

I woke up yesterday morning thinking about a small (but ongoing) conflict I have had with a friend.  It is nothing big, nothing that threatens to splinter the friendship, and yet there I was with a pit in my stomach, a sense of…

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An Advent Breath Prayer

Start by taking a couple of longer, more intentional breaths, perhaps breathing in to a slow count of four, pausing a moment and breathing out to a slow count of four. Invite your body to relax even ten percent. Then as you continue to breathe slowly and evenly, recite these words

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Romans 8:38-39

When Life Gets In the Way

…one Sunday morning, the words “nor life” echoed through my mind long past the end of the Scripture reading. It was suddenly clear to me how LIFE often separates me from the love of God, or at least makes me feel separated. In the presence of crisis, death or suffering, I am often aware of God’s presence. But in the rush of daily life, I often forget to listen for God. Deadlines, obligations…

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Whole, and Part of a Larger Whole

Food for thought: You are complete unto yourself, and you also part of something much, much larger – just as the individual pictures that make up the photomosaic above are complete unto themselves but together make up a larger whole. Each piece contributes its “color” to the whole. Each piece matters. Each piece is holy. Your piece, no matter how insignificant it may sometimes feel, contributes to the whole. Your piece matters. Your piece is whole, and holy.

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