Winged Life Spiritual Direction and Retreats

Clarity. Purpose. Peace.

Winged Life Spiritual
Direction and Retreats

Clarity. Purpose. Peace.

photo of a garden slug

What I Learned from a Slug, or Photography as Spiritual Practice

It all started with a slug. (It wasn’t as cute as the one in the photo above.)

I was minding my own business, enjoying the cool air of morning, happily snipping arugula in my garden, when I came across a SLUG. EWWW!

….As luck (or providence) would have it, I had just returned from a walk where I had been invited to notice and take pictures of things that made me uncomfortable, uneasy or anxious….

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Do We Live in a Friendly Universe?

How would your life be different if you chose to believe that we live in a friendly universe, or that God is with us, or that we are all connected in a great web of life?

I will admit that our world often seems decidedly unfriendly.  Wars rage, natural disasters strike, racism continues, political divisions widen.  So you may be wondering why in the world I’d be asking you to consider

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illustration of nautilus shell showing growth

Always Growing

I came across this image last week and have been engaging with it since.  When I first saw it, my eye spiraled in toward the

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demo of drawing your emotions

Stuck in Your Emotions? Draw Them!

I woke up yesterday morning thinking about a small (but ongoing) conflict I have had with a friend.  It is nothing big, nothing that threatens to splinter the friendship, and yet there I was with a pit in my stomach, a sense of…

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An Advent Breath Prayer

Start by taking a couple of longer, more intentional breaths, perhaps breathing in to a slow count of four, pausing a moment and breathing out to a slow count of four. Invite your body to relax even ten percent. Then as you continue to breathe slowly and evenly, recite these words

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