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Do We In Some Way “Make” God?

“Maybe we make God.”

“We have everything we need right here to figure this out. It’s not about faith in God.  It’s about having faith in each other.”

(from the Netflix series, Away)

To a person of faith, those are provocative statements!  But while some will bristle at this idea, I see it as resonant with the Christian tradition…. 

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How Do YOU Listen for God?

It seems that almost everyone who comes to me for spiritual direction feels compelled at the start to tell me something like “I just can’t get into meditation or centering prayer.” Or “I have to admit I don’t have a consistent prayer practice.” They say it with sadness, and sometimes shame. Like they are missing out on something, something they really want.

And you know what? They are. They are missing out on something big, something they really want: a sense of connection to the Divine, to something bigger than themselves, to All-That-Is. But they are not missing out because they “can’t do” centering prayer, or don’t find the Lord’s Prayer meaningful anymore, or are finding more spiritual depth at yoga than at church.

No. They are missing out because…

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Lament: It’s Not Just Complaining

Lamenting is not just complaining.  It is crying out to God/the Universe/All-That-Is in blunt confusion, anguish, anger, grief or whatever else is weighing us down…It is a structured practice of bringing emotions that sometimes feel overwhelming into the light of the Holy One. Lamenting may start with complaining, but it then moves on…

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Gather Us In

On this Inauguration Day, I find myself humming the song “Gather Us In” by Marty Haugen. You can listen to the song here:
As I listen, I find myself praying a prayer inspired by that song, and using many of the lyrics. I invite you to pray it with me. You can also use this as a pattern to pray your own prayers from favorite poems, popular songs, scriptures or hymns.

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Grace Under Pressure

…“Grace is not magic. And Heaven will not do the work for you. Let us be very clear that Heaven never does what you can do yourself…. Heaven does what you cannot do and steps in after you’ve exhausted your own resources…. So when someone says, ‘Give me some Grace because I don’t want to do this,’ the answer is no, no, no, no, no. You’ll get to Grace…. Heaven doesn’t make life easy on you because you are frightened or because you don’t want to do something. Heaven directs you to do what you need to do because you’re frightened…” (Caroline Myss)

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There is No Red or Blue
Only Us

Red or blue, we look to the government to save us. Red or blue, we look to laws to save us. Red or blue, we look to leaders to save us. But….Only Love can save us….We are the help we’ve been waiting for. Let’s stop waiting.

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