Winged Life Spiritual Direction and Retreats

Clarity. Purpose. Peace.

Winged Life Spiritual
Direction and Retreats

Clarity. Purpose. Peace.


I have found Cheryl's presence at the Sophia Center(s) so supportive and helpful, in addition to the depth of her spiritual sharing that is so fine. I often say to people how reflective and peaceful her prayer is when she shares it and that I find her one of the best, if not THE best, facilitators of groups that I have ever encountered. I look forward to continued collaboration for a long time to come.
After we hung up yesterday, I noticed I felt relaxed, calm, centered and OK – and there was a “yes” inside me. So I constructed an email…and sent it off!...Thanks for that session – I believe it really helped me take the next step internally.
Just wanted to thank you for the blessing that your spiritual practices rained down on me. You have such a thoughtful and peaceful way of guiding us through devotional disciplines that opens the heart and invites the gift of the Holy Spirit in… your smile and soft countenance is powerful and calming.
Bonnie Bates
Retired United Methodist pastor
As I’ve been thinking about what I want to say about our time together, I fear that words will be inadequate to describe how profound the experience was for me. You held a heart-filled space for me as I went through an especially challenging time in my life….And you earned my trust and helped me feel safe…Thank you, Cheryl, for your time, your energy and your care.
Cheryl Lyon has a gift for helping others discern God's call to them.  She listens closely and with her heart.  With gentle but firm questions, she reflects back and helps to guide.

As an Episcopal priest I refer to Cheryl parishioners who are seeking to discern God's call or to connect more deeply with God.  Whether discerning ordained ministry, lay ministry, or the next path in life, Cheryl helps others draw near to God and to listen to what their soul is saying to them.  

As a small-group facilitator Cheryl's calm yet authoritative presence helps participants feel safe and  in that trust to go more deeply into their own hearts and souls to share and to express insights they did not even know they had.   Cheryl keeps a group on track while also providing space to explore the unexpected.
You have such a gift for clarity and simplifying complex feelings and emotions. Breaking it down and offering a fresh perspective.
Laura Hoffman
You have a way of going into your quiet center and sharing that with the rest of us.
I have been reflecting on the service you created for all of us who gathered together at the Conference center last week. I just really want you to know how moving it was---you are truly gifted when it comes to creating contemplative gatherings… Thank you for lifting my soul.
Cheryl Hine
United Methodist Licensed Local Pastor (retired)
One of [Cheryl’s] gifts is discernment – inviting me to notice a mood shift or my choice of words around a certain struggle. She has also encouraged me to celebrate small joys and successes along the way.

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Cheryl offers life expanding individual and group spiritual direction and life coaching, talks and retreats tailored to your individual needs.  She often uses the arts (imagery, poetry, music or visualization) to guide participants into a deeper level of wisdom, which many call God. 

Cheryl is generous with her time and would love to speak with you.  Contact Cheryl for a free no obligation, no pressure consultation.