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At Home Retreat Kit
At Home Retreat Kit

Need a break, but can’t get away? Retreat at home! Get relaxed, refreshed and ready to go! Kit includes detailed retreat day outlines, tips to help you make time and space for a retreat, and audio meditations and visualizations to help you make the most of your day. Can’t take a whole day? Break your retreat into segments! You know you need a retreat – take one today!


Lighten Up Your Life

No doubt about it – women today are BUSY!

Do you sometimes feel like you are so caught up in the busy-ness of life, that you’re not actually living your life?

  • That there must be more to life than this?
  • That with all the advantages you have, life shouldn’t be so hard?
  • That you should be able to manage all of this more easily?
  • That somewhere along the way to success, you lost a part of yourself?
  • That with the economy taking a nosedive, you are never going to get to do what you really want to do?


Many women find that, while they are more or less successful at playing out the roles of their lives - roles that may include wife, mother,  career woman or business owner, household manager, chauffer, and volunteer - they have somehow lost track of part of themselves.  The best part of themselves.  The carefree, easy-going, fun and creative part. The confident, daring, adventurous part.  The cheeky, creative, go-for-it part.  The woman who once had no doubt that she was created to live a life of accomplishment, purpose and joy - and to have FUN along the way!

The good news is that that woman is still inside you, just waiting to be let out. You may feel that you have no time for such nonsense. You are too busy just trying to stay afloat!  But I can tell you from personal experience - as long as you lock up the creative, passionate, fun part of yourself - your Self - you will continue to struggle to balance your roles and avoid overwhelm. 

Your Self is the part that gives you the spark and energy to play out the other roles in your life.  The part that gives you vitality.  The part of you that is the most beautiful, most competent, and most creative.  The part that will allow you to live a Winged Life.  A life of connection.  A life of navigating the obstacles, competently handling crises, and getting things done - all with ease and joy.

It IS possible for you to live a Winged Life of your choosing.  Regardless of your life circumstances, regardless of your obligations.  Not years in the future, but right now. 

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