Winged Life Spiritual Direction and Retreats

Clarity. Purpose. Peace.

Winged Life Spiritual
Direction and Retreats

Clarity. Purpose. Peace.

Cheryl Lyon, CPC

Spiritual Director, Retreat Leader and Life Coach

Whole, and Part of a Larger Whole

Food for thought:  You are complete unto yourself, and you also part of something much, much larger – just as the individual pictures that make up the photomosaic above are complete unto themselves but together make up a larger whole. 

Each piece contributes its “color” to the whole.  Each piece matters.  Each piece is holy.  Your piece, no matter how insignificant it may sometimes feel, contributes to the whole.  Your piece matters.  Your piece is whole, and holy.


Photo credit: Michael Jastremski at  And thanks to  Mary Travis ( for the concept of the photomosaic as a spiritual metaphor.

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Cheryl Lyon, CPC

Cheryl Lyon, CPC

I’m a spiritual director and retreat leader with a life coaching background. I offer spiritual companioning and retreats for people who want to go deeper – deeper into themselves, deeper into their connection with the Divine, and deeper into that place of peace, equanimity, and connection they sometimes feel in meditation, prayer, nature or the arts.

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