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Clarity. Purpose. Peace.

Winged Life Spiritual
Direction and Retreats

Clarity. Purpose. Peace.

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Cheryl Lyon, CPC

Spiritual Director, Retreat Leader and Life Coach

The Deep Well Inside

“There is a really deep well inside me. And in it dwells God. Sometimes I am there, too.”

Sometimes I am there, too…and often not.

Sometimes I am there too – and that truly is all that really matters. Not only because it allows me to take a step back from the problems of the world and find a moment of peace, though I do appreciate that more than I could ever begin to express. But also because it is from that place – that deep well, that great silence in which God dwells, or at least becomes known to me – that Wisdom comes. It is from that place that any right action comes. That healing and grace and connection come. That any way to help address the problems of the world comes.

And so my spiritual practice is important. My returning and returning and returning, again and again, to being “there” in the well, united in some mysterious way with Love itself, with Awe itself, with Holiness itself: that returning matters, because it helps me to safeguard that little piece of God in myself, that little piece of integrity and wholeness from which comes anything good that I am able to do, say, provide, or accomplish in this life. I hope to never face circumstances as dire as those faced by Etty Hillesum in a Nazi transit and concentration camps, but if I do, I hope I can be “there” in that deep well, as she was. I hope I can be “there” more and more each day in this life, in this time that I am living, with all its problems and challenges, all its beauty and grace.

May you be there, as well.

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Cheryl Lyon, CPC

I’m a spiritual director and retreat leader with a life coaching background. I offer spiritual companioning and retreats for people who want to go deeper – deeper into themselves, deeper into their connection with the Divine, and deeper into that place of peace, equanimity, and connection they sometimes feel in meditation, prayer, nature or the arts.

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