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At Home Retreat Kit
At Home Retreat Kit

Need a break, but can’t get away? Retreat at home! Get relaxed, refreshed and ready to go! Kit includes detailed retreat day outlines, tips to help you make time and space for a retreat, and audio meditations and visualizations to help you make the most of your day. Can’t take a whole day? Break your retreat into segments! You know you need a retreat – take one today!


Do you long to get away from it all?  Many of us do.  Just leave our obligations behind, relax and hear ourselves think. And yet, for many of us, funds are tighter this year than last, and we have obligations - children, aging parents, jobs - that make it difficult to get away to a retreat center.

The solution? Take a retreat at home!

I can already hear you saying: but I can't get away from the kids, I can't get a day off work, I can't, I can't, I can't. Yes, you can. You can find the time and you can find the space. You can take the retreat you so desperately need.

Be creative. You can take a retreat in half days, two-hour segments or even a series of lunch hours. You can find a place, either in your own home or a nearby public but private place. You can find the time to clear your mind, restore your body and lighten your spirit.

Intention and focus are more important to the success of a retreat than the location or amount of time available. Retreat can become a state of mind - but first you need to clear your mind by literally getting away, even for an hour or two.

You may know exactly what you would do if you could schedule a few retreat hours in the next week or two. If so, go for it - make the arrangements you need to make and put it on your calendar now - in ink.

At Home Retreat Kit

If you're too frazzled to even think about what you would do if you had time to retreat, check out our At Home Retreat Kit. The At Home Retreat Kit includes:

  • Tips for rearranging your daily obligations to allow time for a retreat – yes, even YOU can find time for a retreat!
  • 48 page workbook with inspiration, planning tips, and questions to help you make the most of your retreat.
  • Instructions for modifying the retreat to fit your life – split your retreat into two half days, take four two hour mini-retreats, or string together a series of lunch hour “micro-retreats.”
  • A complete retreat day outline you can follow verbatim or modify as you wish.
  • A full 45 minutes of audio to use throughout your day – including tips, meditations and visualizations– it’s like having a retreat director in the comfort of your home.

If you’d like even more guidance, contact me about retreat coaching. I can help you plan your retreat, support you during your retreat day, and/or help you keep your focus on carrying your retreat forward into your daily life.

When will you take an At Home Retreat? Schedule it now!

At Home Retreat Kit

Guided One Hour Retreats by Telephone
A guided one hour virtual retreat tailored just for you! 

Enjoy a personalized one hour retreat in the comfort of your own  home or office, at at a time convenient for you.  Whether you want to be more relaxed, more focused,  more productive, or all three, a guided one hour retreat can help you get there!

More details here:  http://onehourretreat.blogspot.com/2010/05/guided-one-hour-retreats.html

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